D --> I'll need to think of a better title


lucky you you got a life

i dont

hey keep me updated on wwhether or not fef or sol havve gone deaf from their glubbing at eachother yet

im wwaiting

or if kan decides that im actually useful that too

D —> I don’t think Her Highness or the yellowb100d have lost their hearing just yet

D —> I’m not sure about Maryam
D —> Do you want me to ask her 

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D —> Hello


busy doing wwhat

D —> Numerous things
D —> Maintenance work on Nitram’s legs
D —> Tas% Vantas had given to me
D —> Quality time with my moirail 


oh eq youre back


i missed you

you cant just go runnin off wwhen youre like the only person i talk to anymore

D —> I apologize for my absence

D —> I was busy


lovve me lovve me lovve me somebody



D —> I will give you acknowledgement, at least



I dance, dance, dance, dance.

hey eq look its a hoofbeast for you

D —> Oh thank you, AmporaD —> I appreciate the gesture 



I dance, dance, dance, dance.

hey eq look its a hoofbeast for you

D —> Oh thank you, Ampora
D —> I appreciate the gesture 


T-Trolls of a-a-all g-generations l-l-live on E-Earth, but s-s-some m-move to other i-inhabitable p-planets o-o-or the sh-ships. A-And we let h-humans do the s-same to a-a-avoid o-overcrowding E-Earth.

E-Earth is the o-only p-p-planet that s-s-suits the m-mothergrub.

D —> What is the out100k on things like terraformation and larger-scale colonization of other planets near Earth

D —> Do you know


D —> Oh dear, the seadweller

D —> That c001d become problematic from what I have heard 

D —> Though in my timeline she was quite the spitfire 

D —> And in terms of your moirail, I am happy for you to have one

D —> My own moirail

D —> Well

D —> Let us not speak of it 

D —> Nor do I wish to speak about Aradia 

D —> Hmph

D —> He seems decent as long as you stay on his good side

D —> Or at least my timeline’s Ampora does

D —> I haven’t heard much talk of landdweller genocide from him lately

D —> Of course, most of the land-trolls of my timeline are already quite deceased, save for the ten of us


N-No. N-Not integrate. We s-s-still have c-c-cullings and s-such… b-but the c-caste system is a little l-looser.

A-And I… R-really don’t know h-how we r-r-reached Earth… A-All I know is that s-s-something h-happened to A-Alternia a-and a few c-c-centuries a-ago t-trolls m-moved to e-e-earth. I-It was o-o-only supposed to b-be a n-new n-nursery p-p-planet… B-But with the h-humans m-messing it up, i-intervention was r-required.

D —> So do trolls of all generations live on a single planet, then

D —> Does it get overcrowded

D —> Or have your numbers greatly reduced since whatever cataclysmic event that rendered Alternia unlivable



they dont seem so bad…

but maybe youre right

D —> It think it would be very easy to avoid close contact with them, though, given where we currently are


D —> That is alright my dear alternate 

D —> Though I have e%amined from our other conversation, it appears that you do not classify yourself as one whom obsesses over the maroonb100d

D —> How, quaint 

D —> Well, I have had confusing and deeply flushed feelings for the former maroonb100d
D —> But I consider her one of my caste now
D —> The transfer into the soulbot set her into the right place on the hemospectrum

D —> Although, we have grown fairly distant by now
D —> I spend a far greater amount of time socializing with my moirail
D —> And recently I have begun to regularly speak with Ampora of all people


im sure y0u will t00

D —> Should we converse more often

D —> I mean, you aren’t the Aradia from my timeline, but you are still a version of her and a fairly similar one at that


Th-There was the b-b-beginnings of a c-cultural r-r-reform. A-Actually, i-it makes f-f-fitting i-in with h-humans much e-e-easier, f-from wh-what I r-r-read.

…B-But it isn’t th-that different. J-Just more s-s-subtle.

D —> Were the trolls of your timeline trying to integrate with Earth culture

D —> How did you reach Earth in the first place


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D —> Greetings dear alternate 

D —> How are you fairing this morn 

D —> I am sorry for missing this

D —> It was buried under other posts and I haven’t checked my tag until now


I would prefer that we talked about something else now.

D —> Alright

D —> What would you like to talk about