D --> I'll need to think of a better title


lucky you you got a life

i dont

hey keep me updated on wwhether or not fef or sol havve gone deaf from their glubbing at eachother yet

im wwaiting

or if kan decides that im actually useful that too

D —> I don’t think Her Highness or the yellowb100d have lost their hearing just yet

D —> I’m not sure about Maryam
D —> Do you want me to ask her 


busy doing wwhat

D —> Numerous things
D —> Maintenance work on Nitram’s legs
D —> Tas% Vantas had given to me
D —> Quality time with my moirail 


oh eq youre back


i missed you

you cant just go runnin off wwhen youre like the only person i talk to anymore

D —> I apologize for my absence

D —> I was busy


lovve me lovve me lovve me somebody



D —> I will give you acknowledgement, at least



they dont seem so bad…

but maybe youre right

D —> It think it would be very easy to avoid close contact with them, though, given where we currently are


no clue

ivve read SOME stories about the first one but it isnt really my levvel a expertise

D —> They both seem to derive sustenance through se%ual means

D —> I hardly know anything about that sort of topic either

D —> As far I know, incubi in folklore do tend to malevolent, so perhaps it’s best we not get too involved with them


an empress

an incubus


i guess about the same types a people youvve been meetin if your blog is any indicator

D —> Are incubi and vi%ens the same species

D —> At least in the conte%t of those people we’re meeting from alternate timelines


i dont knoww…

i guess yeah

just talk

unless thatd be borin wwhich yeah i guess it kinda is

D —> Have you met any interesting people recently

D —> On the strange, interdimensional internet


err no thank you

D —> Then what should we do


couldnt flarp in the vveil anywway thatd be ridiculous


i dont knoww

guess i am sorta used to solitary activvities

im not sure…

D —> I wasn’t suggesting it

D —> FLARPing is already ridiculous enough on its own

D —> Hmm

D —> We could spar a little

D —> Although, that is likely to result in injury on your part


see thats wwhat im gettin at

i dont wwant to bore you or anything wwith just talkin

im sure wwe could find something

D —> Do you have anything in mind

D —> What sort of activities do you enjoy doing with others

D —> Besides FLARPing



wwell then

you can talk to me

ivve got the time an all

or if you wwanna hang or something…

i dont havve much to do either

D —> I suppose we could hang out if you want to

D —> What could we do together

D —> Just converse


wwhy wwould noir havve a blog

thats silly to evven think about eq

wwhat wwould evven blog about stabbing

i mean really thats ridiculous

D —> Well

D —> There is this


i guess…

they cant possibly be wworse than the people on this meteor right noww can they

D —> Most likely not
D —> Unless you somehow manage to get in contact with Jack Noir
D —> Then you will likely doom everyone


if you dont wwant anyone to see anything then wwhy bother postin in the first place

yeah i should probably followw more people

but wwhat if they dont like me

wwhat if they think im a nusiance

D —> I do not want to search a% the tags for the posts again
D —> I just want to have them in one place and organized accordingly
D —> I suppose I really ought to make a side blog for those sorts of images, but the deed is already done

D —> How are you ever to get people’s attentions if you do nothing to catch them
D —> If you make them % with you, they could just go back to ignoring you as they currently are now by default
D —> But at least you would have tried and you have a better chance at gaining an audience